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Building Excellence for English Learners
A Partnership with the Arizona Department of Education



QTEL is pleased to announce a partnership with the Arizona Department of Education to provide professional learning and coaching to Arizona’s educators of English Learners. Building Excellence for English Learners is a systemic and aligned approach to improving outcomes for Arizona’s English Learners and services encompass vertically aligned professional learning for teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders.

Year One (SY 2022–2023) focuses on building a shared understanding of key elements of effective teaching and learning for English Learners and providing immediately applicable instructional practices that can be incorporated into classroom instruction. Key themes for this year include supporting English Learners to engage in high challenge/high support learning opportunities and incorporating daily quality academic interactions.

In Year Two (SY 2023–2024), educators continue to be introduced and apprenticed into high-yield pedagogical practices to support language and literacy development in tandem. Additionally, we intensify the internal capacity-building so that educators can carry the work to their schools and districts.​

Through participation in this initiative, educators will focus on achieving the following overarching outcomes:

  • Development and implementation of a well-articulated definition of quality disciplinary and language learning based on Arizona’s Language Development Approach.

  • Development of an affirming belief that all students can succeed with rigorous coursework, regardless of linguistic capability, with the appropriate supports.

  • Increased usage of research-based methods to scaffold students’ learning of challenging grade- level disciplinary ideas and practices while simultaneously accelerating literacy and language development.

For more information about this initiative, review the project overviews:

Students in class

Are you a participating educator?

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