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QTEL offers cycles of discipline-specific coaching to participants who have attended a QTEL disciplinary or Building the Base institute  in order to anchor their learning in particular contexts and receive guidance as they translate their new knowledge into practice.  These coaching cycles provide educators with the tools and support they need to develop expertise and effectively implement the principles of QTEL in their instruction. 


  • Schools and districts who want to increase English Learner student achievement through improving the quality of teaching their students receive

  • Teachers and school leaders who have completed a foundational Building the Base QTEL professional development institute and wish to share their expertise with other educators


  • Available for individual schools or whole districts with content-specific, tailored  professional development

  • QTEL content specialists work with teachers one-on-one or with groups of teachers in common content areas to deepen their understanding of how to design and implement lessons while analyzing problematic classroom situations

  • QTEL content specialists complete multiple coaching cycles with teachers in which they support the implementation of the QTEL approach to quality instruction while working with teachers in classrooms

  • Coaching cycles include:

    • Pre-observation planning sessions to identify objectives, jointly plan scaffolded lessons, and refine teacher understanding of QTEL principles.

    • Critical and documented observation of lesson implementation in order to identify strengths and weaknesses

    • Reflective post-observation meetings to identify target actions for improvement

    • Distal learning opportunities are also available that deepen educators’ understanding and help to improve implementation of QTEL principles in classroom practice

"The ability to work closely with the QTEL coach proved invaluable in my development as a presenter and my understanding of QTEL principles, and how to support teachers in their learning. It was an amazingly positive


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