All preexisting WestEd data and materials provided by WestEd shall remain WestEd’s property. Use of such materials and data is restricted to educators who have participated in a QTEL Building the Base professional development institute in their work for The School District of Philadelphia.

Permission to photocopy materials created by WestEd is granted for teachers’ use in their classroom only, and must credit WestEd as the copyright holder and include the registered trademark symbol for Quality Teaching for English Learners™.

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QTEL Lesson Plan Template.png
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These lesson outlines can be used as models for planning QTEL lessons in English Language Arts and ELD. Just click on the tasks for instructions and templates.

This lesson plan template supports the design of high-quality lessons focusing on the three moments of the lessons, the purpose of each task, and the practices being developed.

These tasks templates can be adapted for use in specific contexts across the disciplines.

These slides can be used in lesson presentations to ensure students have clear expectations and understand the procedures of many QTEL tasks.

This quick reference tool explains the structure of lessons in 3 moments with the purpose of each lesson clearly outlined. It also includes example tasks which are typically included in each moment.

QTEL Principles Reference Sheet.png

This quick reference sheet provides salient information about each of the five QTEL principles.

This in-depth rubric can be used as a tool to reflect on one’s own practice concerning the understanding and implementation of the five QTEL principles in the classroom.

This tool guides teachers through the process of reflecting on their own practice for future growth and capacity building.