October 13, 2016


Our QTEL team will present and chair at the 2016 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, April 8-12, in Washington, DC. The AERA Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of scholars in the field of education research.


Saturday, April 9

Session: Building Professional Expertise for 21st-Century Teaching: The Imperative of Integrating Knowledge About Language Development
Time & Location: 8:15-10:15am; Convention Center, Level One, Room 143B
Presentation: A Vision for Professional Knowledge Required to Build Teachers of English Language Learners in the 21st Century
Presenters: Aída Walqui, Peggy Mueller (Chair)

Session: Disclosing Women Voices Around STEM Fields and Applied Uses
Time & Location: 12:25-1:55pm; Marriott Marquis, Level Four, Mint
Presentation: Voices of Successful Women Advanced Technological Education Graduates: Counternarratives
Presenter: Courtney Rudd Paulger


Monday, April 11

Session: Gender Narratives and Institutional Contexts
Time & Location: 8:15-9:45am; Convention Center, Level One, Room 149B
Participant: Courtney Rudd Paulger (Chair)


Tuesday, April 12

Session: Collaboration to Improve Educational Opportunities for English Learners in the United States
Time & Location: 10:35am-12:05pm; Convention Center, Level One, Room 101
Presentation: Understanding the Trajectories and Longitudinal Outcomes of Adolescent Newcomer English Language Learners in a Texas District
Presenter: Aída Walqui

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