Scaffolding English Learners' Writing of Expository and Argumentative Texts*

Target Audience: Secondary teachers of English Learners, teacher leaders, and instructional coaches who have previously attended a QTEL Building the Base institute.


Objective: To develop participants’ expertise to engage their students in deep learning of writing expository and argumentative texts. Participants will experience powerful learning lessons and tasks focused on disciplinary practices, which allow English Learners’ appropriation of the needed language, academic skills, and conceptual understandings required in contemporary life.


Participants will:

  • How to use the sociocultural theory that underlies QTEL Principles to transform for ELA/Literacy into powerful writing experiences for students in language arts/literary classrooms

  • How scaffolding tasks are sequenced to promote the development of disciplinary skill and practices through rich and rigorous conversation dependent on common texts

  • Why scaffolding tasks support and challenge students in the attainment of deep academic and conceptual knowledge

  • How to develop expertise in designing lesson in three parts, known as the Preparing the Learners, Interacting with the Text, and Extending Student Understanding

  • Why and how the learning in a language arts/literacy classroom is inherently intertwined with oral and written arguments that respond to ideas, events, facts and arguments presented in texts students read.


*Pre-requisite: Having completed a QTEL Building the Base institute


November 19-21,  2019


8:30am- 3:30pm



Fort Worth Botanic Garden

3220 Botanic Garden Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76107


$1,000 per participant

Each participant will receive one set of instructional materials, handouts and a book.

Coffee will be served in the mornings.