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Senior Program Associate

Jennifer Blitz is a Senior Program Associate specializing in English Learner Support with WestEd’s English Learner and Migrant Education Services. Blitz works with state education agencies as well as site and district teams across the country to bring about instructional improvements for English Learners. She has supported state education agencies around the development and implementation of English language proficiency standards, the creation of assessment tools used to reclassify English Learners as proficient in English, and generating outlines and support materials for recommended ELD instructional models. Blitz also supports local education agencies in enhancing instruction for diverse learners by facilitating systemic change through development of EL master plans and providing focused instructional support through institutes on language analysis, academic discourse, and close reading and writing as well as coaching teachers through planning and instructional cycles.

Prior to joining WestEd, Blitz taught Spanish language and social studies in Arizona and served as a high school administrator. She received a BA in Spanish language from Tulane University in Louisiana, with a minor in business administration and MAs in curriculum and instruction and educational leadership from Northern Arizona University.

Blitz maintains certifications for instruction of Spanish language and social studies as well as administration.

Tel: 480.286.6970

Jennifer Blitz
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