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QTEL conducts both short-term and longitudinal research studies of English Learner education. The findings of these studies help to describe and inform teacher practice which positively impacts students' educational experiences.


Policy makers and educators who wish to make informed decisions about the education of ELs in their communities. 

  • Analyze the implementation and outcomes of state and district policies

  • Describe academic outcomes and trajectories of implemented EL programs for subgroups of ELs

  • Assess the promise of programs and interventions for ELs

  • Identify promising practices for supporting ELs academically, socially, and emotionally


Examples of QTEL research

What Are We Doing to Middle School English Learners: Findings and Recommendations for Change from a Study of California EL Programs

With the collaboration of school districts and middle schools across California, QTEL conducted a two-phase study to help policy makers and local educators make informed decisions about the education of English language learners, especially at the middle school level. Middle school is of particular interest because it is a time when English learners’ progress toward reclassification as English proficient may stagnate, just as they are entering a system of departmentalized courses that, in many cases, are tracked.

Exploring Longitudinal Outcomes and Trajectories of English Language Learners (ELOTE)

Project ELOTE is a Researcher-Practitioner Partnership funded by the Institute of Education Sciences. Researchers from the Quality Teaching for English Learners initiative at WestEd partnered with practitioners in the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD). Over the two years of this grant, we developed a partnership to address problems of practice relevant to ELLs. FWISD has a large and diverse population of ELLs. The initial focus was on secondary immigrant newcomers, all of whom attended the International Newcomer Academy (INA) for one year. After INA, students attended sheltered Language Centers before entering mainstream classes.

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