QTEL supports teachers of English Learners to develop capacity in creating high challenge learning opportunities for students while simultaneously offering high levels of support.  With the ultimate goal of promoting long-term academic success for students, QTEL’s work focuses on providing educators with services that address the individual needs and challenges of schools and districts.


Since the 2016-17 academic school year, the School District of Philadelphia through the office of Multilingual Curriculum and Programs has collaborated with QTEL to provide intensive, discipline-specific, professional development institutes for 6th-12th grade teachers of English Learners.

In 2019-2021, the SDP School Board voted to support an expansion of this professional development at three secondary school sites. This approach includes a site-based leadership team, concentrated onsite coaching with teacher leaders in all core disciplines and the creation of Professional Learning Communities with teachers of English Learners.


In order to facilitate the implementation of the knowledge gained during QTEL professional development, this page offers educators in the School District of Philadelphia tools and resources for lesson planning, self-reflection, and task implementation.  These resources can be adapted for specific classroom contexts in grades 6-12 across the disciplines.