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QTEL offers educators rich learning opportunities that are designed to expand theoretical and practical knowledge, develop expertise, and promote the kind of quality teaching and student engagement needed to ensure English Learners’ success. These opportunities include intensive professional development institutes, coaching, and professional development certification.

Virtual professional development institutes for educators focused on the development of educator expertise to engage English Learners and all other students in deep, generative learning.

A Pedagogy of Promise

Foundational, disciplinary, coaching, and leadership institutes that develop educator expertise in designing, implementing, and monitoring all aspects of English Learner programs and instruction.

Overhead shot of groups in discussion

Cycles of discipline-specific coaching for participants who have attended a QTEL Building the Base or Disciplinary Literacy institute that anchor their learning in particular contexts and give guidance as they translate new knowledge into practice.

Groups in QTEL coaching session

A multi year, intensive partnership to acquire expertise in designing and presenting QTEL professional development that ensures work is sustained into the future.

Teachers in QTEL PD certification

QTEL member-facilitated classroom observations that demonstrate how to recognize and support quality instruction in English Learners’ classrooms.

Aida speaking to participants in session
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