Senior Program Associate in Mathematics

Haiwen Chu is a Senior Program Associate in Mathematics for the Quality Teaching for English Learners initiative.

Chu designs and creates professional development materials for math teachers. He leads professional development institutes for teachers and coaches teachers at their school sites.

Chu previously worked in the New York City Department of Education as a math teacher for immigrants and English Learners. He developed many projects based on connections with students' lived experiences and the real world. In New York, Chu taught graduate courses and conducted research in mathematics education.

Chu designs and conducts mixed-methods studies and evaluations in partnership with school districts to improve instruction for English Learners. Chu has expertise in both causal designs and descriptive observation methods. He publishes widely in both researcher and practitioner venues. He serves on WestEd's Institutional Review Board and contributes to strategic agency-wide initiatives.

Chu holds a bachelor's in mathematics from Harvard, a master's in math teaching from Brooklyn College, and a PhD in Urban Education Policy from the City University of New York Graduate Center.

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