The QTEL ELA institute introduces participants to the current shifts in language arts/literacy classrooms in response to new standards. Teachers will experience and understand powerful models of learning on topics such as developing literacy skills, with a focus on the selection and scaffolding of informational and literary texts so they will be able to transfer these models into the design of their own lessons.  In addition, the institute addresses the fact that secondary school teachers are held responsible for not only the disciplinary language development of English Learners but their development of 21st century skills as well.



English Language Arts and Reading teachers in grades K-12 that want to engage English Learners in rigorous content while developing their academic language practices.

Participants will:

  • Understand how to enact standards in powerful learning experiences for English Learners in ELA/literacy classrooms

  • Develop their own expertise in engaging English Learners in close and careful reading of texts by participating in authentic performance tasks

  • Understand how to support English Learners in acquiring the language, academic practices, and conceptual understandings they need to succeed in ELA/literacy classrooms

  • Understand how to develop English Learners’ capacity to read, discuss and write about informational and literary texts in multiple scenarios

  • Use the QTEL approach to design lesson and/or unit plans that incorporate multiple scaffolding tasks to support English Learners’ acquisition of standards-based ELA content and academic language to access grade-level texts

"QTEL solidified many questions I had on day 1. Building a child’s legitimacy was perhaps one profound statement I can take back to my site to begin activating change. "

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