UnboundEd’s Winter 2019 Standards Institute

QTEL Director, Aída Walqui, will be a keynote speaker at UnboundEd’s Winter 2019 Standards Institute.

Thursday, February 14

Location: The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites, Los Angeles, California Ballroom

Presentation: High challenge and high support: Amplifying the opportunities offered English Learners to engage in generative academic activity

Description: To successfully and responsibly navigate the twenty first century citizens require complex skills: navigating uncertainty, collaborating with others who have very different perspectives, using multiple languages, advocating for themselves and their communities, moving among different identities, and solving novel problems. During this presentation five principles that guide the quality learning for English Learners and will prepare them for this complex future will be unpacked and illustrated with videos from classroom instruction. Shifts in understanding and practice required by the implementation of these principles will also be addressed, redirecting some common misconceptions in the field.