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Appreciating Teachers

This week is the official week to celebrate in the U.S. the immense role teachers play in the lives of the future adults in our society. Teaching is a tough job and a taxing occupation, especially in post-pandemic contexts. At the same time, teaching is a most rewarding endeavor. I remember the happiness I felt seeing students’ eyes shine in the realization that a well-supported, challenging activity recognized that they were intelligent human beings capable of acting for the common good.

Although we should acknowledge each day that our work is at the same time challenging, stimulating, and valuable, let us take this week to celebrate our accomplishments, both visible and invisible. Sometimes we immediately see the impact of our invitations to students to engage in valuable activities. Other times, years later, we encounter former students who share with us the impact of having been in our classes.

Let us celebrate and renew our commitment to offering students quality opportunities to learn. At the same time, let us affirm the importance of advocating for real recognition of the hard work teachers engage in every day. We ourselves need opportunities to grow in the profession, better working conditions, and decent pay. We can accomplish all of that if we unite, collaborate, and grow together in our profession.

With our most sincere appreciation,

Aída Walqui and the QTEL Team

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