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Join QTEL at NABE 2022

Join us at the Annual NABE Conference, February 7–10, 2022, at the New York Hilton Midtown. This year’s theme focuses on “Building a Globally Diverse Multilingual Society.

Our experts from Quality Teaching for English Learners and the National Research and Development Center to Improve Education for Secondary English Learners will discuss topics such as instructional leadership and writing development, with sessions in Spanish and English. A featured presentation by Dr. Aída Walqui will explore multilingual learners in a global society.


El Diseño de Interacciones de Calidad en el Aula de Español para Grados Kinder a 5to

Pía Castilleja, Kathia Romo, and Elsa Billings

1:05 PM Eastern, 4th Floor – New York

Affordances in the Development of Multiliteracies with English Learners in Secondary Schools

Aída Walqui

1:05 PM Eastern, 2nd Floor – Sutton Center

Featured Presentation: Building Quality and Equity for Multilingual Learners in a Global Society: An Ecological Perspective

Aída Walqui

3:20 PM Eastern, 3rd Floor – Grand Ballroom

Scaffolding Understanding: Preparing Secondary English Learners to Engage with Complex Texts

Mary Schmida

3:20 PM Eastern, 2nd Floor – Clinton

Serving Multilingual Learners with Equity and Quality: Building the Professional Expertise of All District Educators

Aída Walqui and Alexandra Estrella (Superintendent, Norwalk School District)

4:15 PM Eastern, 2nd Floor – Regent


Supporting English Learners by Placing Teacher Professional Development at the Center of Instructional Leadership

Mary Schmida and Annette Gregg

8:30 AM Eastern, 4th Floor – Green Room


Liderazgo Educativo: Cultivando Excelencia para Alumnos y Maestros en Programas de Inmersión Dual

Pia Castilleja and Annette Gregg

8:00 AM Eastern, Concourse A – Lower Level

Human Migration in Today’s World

Nicholas Catechis

8:00 AM Eastern, 4th Floor – Green Room

Accelerating Writing Development for English Learners in Elementary Classrooms

Ruth Sebastian

10:40 AM Eastern, 4th Floor – Green Room

De la Teoría a la Práctica: Apoyando la Excelencia en el Aula Secundaria de Español en Programas de Inmersión Dual para Estudiantes Aprendices del Inglés

Pia Castilleja and Kathia Romo

10:40 AM Eastern, Concourse A – Lower Level

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Meet Aída Walqui, co-author of the highly acclaimed book, Scaffolding the Academic Success of Adolescent English Language Learners, and co-editor of the books, Amplifying the Curriculum and Reconceptualizing the Role of Critical Dialogue in American Classrooms: Promoting Equity through Dialogic Education.

WestEd Exhibit Booth Time & Location: Wednesday, February 9 at 2–3 PM Eastern, Exhibit Hall Booth #111.



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